DUI has made an outstanding progress in the achievement of its broad objectives and will continue to pursue the challenges of the future. The Centre believes in promoting the message of understanding, opportunity to learn, respect, social interaction and better relations between Musli

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Islamic History

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New addition…

This area of the mosque is by far the largest in the building. It is a new addition to the Centre (completed in August 2010), as part of the expansion and refurbishment project of DUI. It covers an area of 285 m² and can comfo

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The Refurbishment Project…

To meet the existing and growing needs of the Muslim community, and in order to accommodate the increasing number of visitors to the Centre, the Trustees decided to refurbish the whole building in 2009. After a year hard of work, and by the help and grace of the Almighty 'Allah' (SWT)

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Dar Ul-Isra (DUI) Muslim Educational & Welfare Centre was established in 1989 to unify and serve the needs of the Muslim community of Cardiff. It is an independent, voluntary and non-profit organisation. It was established by a group of students who came to the UK for postgraduate

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