PPE Appeal

“Whoever saves a life, it is as if saving the whole of humanity”- Quran 5:32.

On behalf of our community we wanted to thank the NHS for all their hard work and dedication in working to fight the coronavirus. We wanted to show them our appreciation and do our best to help protect them, as they help to protect us.

The appeal was launched on 4/4/20. It comprises of two phases. Phase one is now complete. Details of phase two are given below. Please help us reach our target of £14,000.

Phase One

To supply every GP practice in Cardiff, OOH CRI and OOH UHW and Rookwood hospital with a PPE Box containing:

- 2 Reusable respirators with P3 filters

- 2 disposable gowns

- 2 pairs of goggles and 2 visors

- 100 long cuff gloves

- 100 hair caps

Phase Two

To supply the ITU of worst-hit hospital in Wales- the Royal Gwent and the ITU in our local hospital, UHW, each with:
- 25 JSP reusable Force 8 respirators with press to check filters

To supply the palliative care Cardiff community team (comprising 16 individuals) each with:
- A JSP reusable Force 8 respirator with press to check filters
- A visor
- 10 hair net cover
- A pair of goggles

To supply the 14 district nursing teams in Cardiff and the Vale each with:
- 100 surgical masks
- 10 N95 Masks
- 15 visors

To supply the palliative team in the Vale with:
- 55 visors
- 200 hair net cover

To supply the 14 GP practices in the Vale with:
- Two pairs of goggles
- Two JSP reusable Force 8 respirators with press to check filters

To supply 50 community carers each with:
- 10 Hairnet covers
- 10 surgical masks