“Whoever saves a life, it is as if saving the whole of humanity.”

[Quran - 5:32]
The Centre will remain closed throughout the holy month of Ramadan and therefore, there will be no Taraweeh prayers at Dar Ul Isra. Please take this opportunity to pray Taraweeh at home.

‘Make your dwellings into places of Worship’ (Surah 10, Verse 87)

وَاجْعَلُواْ بُيُوتَكُمْ قِبْلَةً

May Allah SWT accept our fasting and prayers.

Ramadan Kareem!

Qur'an Memorisation Competition

We would like to invite all brothers and sisters to participate in the Qur'an memorisation competition this year 2020/1441AH.
Reception / Yr.1 / Yr.2

Al-Qari'ah - القارعة
At-Tariq - الطارق

Yr.3 / Yr.4

Nuh - نوح

Yr.5 / Yr.6

At-Tur - الطور

Yr.7 / Yr.8 / Yr.9

Muhammad - محمد

GCSE / A-Levels

Az-Zukhruf - الزخرف

Adults (18-50yrs)

Al-Anbya - الأنبياء


Ad-Dhariyat - الذاريات

New Muslims

Ad-Duhaa - الضحى.
At-Takathur - التكاثر

Up to £1,500 are the total prizes for the competitors

The competition is for Cardiff and the around areas.
Levels 1-5 are based on the school years not the age.
Everyone is ONLY allowed to compete at one level.

Tests will be online via video conference on the following dates:

21/05/2020 for Levels 1, 2, 3, 4
22/05/2020 for Levels 5, 6, 7, 8